Thanks for checking out Dead Theorists! It is a critical (but loving) satirical card game that I designed and illustrated. One friend called it "edutainment." Another called it "a love letter to sociology." It also lampoons academia a bit.

In Dead Theorists, the ghosts of Karl Marx, Simone De Beauvoir, Michel Foucault, and W.E.B. Du Bois have inexplicably taken residence on campus. You play as one of these 4 great (but deceased) thinkers seeking to complete their unfinished business: training their next greatest disciple from the ranks of today's students. But you’ve encountered two challenges you didn’t expect... First, the forces of neoliberalism have been hard at work dismantling the education system. It will be tough to enlist a final protégé from within today’s business-oriented university. Second, you’ve got competition! Other spirits have also awoken and they’re dead set on halting your progress and advancing their own pedagogical agendas.


The game is now officially available from Microcosm Press here. For more info, check out their Kickstarter launch page: Dead Theorists: A Card Game for Disillusioned Philosophers and Aspiring Academics on Kickstarter. Compared to the "beta version" of the game (released in 2019), this expanded edition has more cards, multiple modes of play, new ghost mechanics, and updated rules.


The rules for both versions are available below for those who want to check them out.

Thanks for playing!

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