Peer-Reviewed Publications

2020. (With Josh Seim) "Punishing Fieldwork: Penal Domination and Prison Ethnography." Contemporary Ethnography.

2020. "Sandpiles of Dignity: Labor Status and Boundary-Making in the Contemporary American Prison." RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences.

2020. (With Andrew P. Davis) "Difference and Punishment: Ethno-Political Exclusion, Colonial Institutional Legacies, and Incarceration." Punishment & Society.

2018. "Ramen Politics: Informal Inmate Economy in the Contemporary American Prison." Qualitative Sociology (free "read only" version here).

2017. "Classification Struggles in Semi-Formal and Precarious Work: Lessons from Inmate Labor and Cultural Production." Research in the Sociology of Work (also available via GoogleBooks).

2016. (With Ricardo Rivas) "Exploring Culture through In-Depth Interviews: Is it Useful to Ask People What They Think, Mean, and Do?" Cinta de Moebio.

2014. "'That's Hip-Hop to Me!' Race, Space, and Temporal Logics of Authenticity in Independent Cultural Production." Poetics.

Other Publications 

2019. "Book Review: Bruce Western, Homeward: Life in the Year After Prison." International Sociology.

2019. "The Prison as Market: How Penal Labor Systems Reproduce Inequality." PhD Dissertation, University of Arizona.

2015. (With Kyle Puetz) "Authenticity." In the Sage Encyclopedia of Economics and Society.


2008. "Working for CHAMP After Hours: The Role of Volunteers in the CHAMP Program." Pp. 46-49 in Research Report: An Evaluation of the CHAMP Service Dog Training Program at the Women’s Eastern Reception, Diagnostic, and Correctional Center. Research Report (PI: Jody Miller).

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Research Materials

Sample Qualitative Coding Report: Doctoral Dissertation Research: Punishment and Work in the US Prison System, Interview Coding Scheme.

“The function of sociology,

as of every science, is to reveal

that which is hidden

- Pierre Bourdieu -