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Select Peer-Reviewed Articles

2023. "The Ghosts Inside: The Historic Struggle to Reclassify Prison labor, 1967 - 1979." The Prison Journal.

2023. "Remote Control: Horizontal Surveillance and the Gendering of Carceral Punishment." Theoretical Criminology.


2022. (With Andrew P. Davis; Eric Bjorklund; Teron Nunley) "Institutional Arrangements and Power Threat: Diversity, Democracy, and Punitive Attitudes." Justice Quarterly.

2020. (With Josh Seim) "Punishing Fieldwork: Penal Domination and Prison Ethnography." Contemporary Ethnography.

2020. "Sandpiles of Dignity: Labor Status and Boundary-Making in the Contemporary American Prison." RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences.

2020. (With Andrew P. Davis) "Difference and Punishment: Ethno-Political Exclusion, Colonial Institutional Legacies, and Incarceration." Punishment & Society.

2018. "Ramen Politics: Informal Inmate Economy in the Contemporary American Prison." Qualitative Sociology (also available here).

2017. "Classification Struggles in Semi-Formal and Precarious Work: Lessons from Inmate Labor and Cultural Production." Research in the Sociology of Work (also available here).

2016. (With Ricardo Rivas) "Exploring Culture through In-Depth Interviews: Is it Useful to Ask People What They Think, Mean, and Do?" Cinta de Moebio.

Other Publications 

2023. "Book Review: Danielle S Rudes et al., Surviving Solitary: Living and Working in Restricted Housing Units." Punishment & Society.

2022. "Book Review: Erin Hatton, Coerced: Worth Under Threat of Punishment." Punishment & Society.


2020. "Foreword." Pp. v-viii in The Pawn by Gustavo "Goose" Alvarez. Amazon.


2019. "Book Review: Bruce Western, Homeward: Life in the Year After Prison." International Sociology.

2019. "The Prison as Market: How Penal Labor Systems Reproduce Inequality." PhD Dissertation, University of Arizona.

2015. (With Kyle Puetz) "Authenticity." In the Sage Encyclopedia of Economics and Society.


Head White
Research Materials

Sample Qualitative Coding Report: Doctoral Dissertation Research: Punishment and Work in the US Prison System, Interview Coding Scheme.

“The function of sociology,
as of every science, is to reveal
that which is hidden

- Pierre Bourdieu -

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